Stimulate the health of your employees and prevent wage penalties

When one of your employee reports sick with the flue it will often have a few consequences. But with more complex cases that can lead to long-term absence, even your HR employee may not know exactly what to do. While you as an employer do have a number of responsibilities and obligations in this area. How can you stimulate the health of your employees and prevent wage penalties?
More information about health management

Gatekeeper guarantee

Employers and employees are increasingly held accountable for social security. This is a complicated issue and we have developed a special solution for case management. Is someone sick? We will make sure that you as an employer follow the required steps according to the Improved Gatekeeper Act. We even provide a Gatekeeper guarantee: we guarantee the reintegration file is properly managed so that you will not face with UWV wage penalties.

Our total concept for health management

We will handle all matters that relate to the health of your employees. We will maintain contact with the insurer and the UWV if necessary on your behalf, whereby we function as your one point of contact when it comes to your sick employees and the corresponding financial flows.
Initially, we focus on preventing absenteeism by way of prevention programmes. We are able to offer the best solutions on the market. Because we also broker in insurances, we know exactly which insurers compensate such programmes. This also helps arrange a majority of the financing.
Case management
We handle your case management and provide support in handling your absence files. Certainly with more complex cases for which there is little time or the right expertise available, it is a great relief for employers to have a case manager whom they can rely on. The case manager monitors the Gatekeeper process and let you know what steps to take.
Help in choosing the right provider and avoid paying double
We have an extensive network of independent providers for various interventions. In addition, we make sure that the interventions are first paid for by the insurance company concerned. Any costs that remain are then charged to you. This way, you make optimal use of your insurance and avoid paying double. What's more, this does not cost you any extra.

If you need help with the health management of your employees,

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