Higher returns from your group health insurance

Your employees are your most valuable asset. That is why you want give them something extra, like offering them group health insurance. This will ensure that your employees are properly insured under favourable conditions. But how can you make sure that an insurer is a good match for your company. How can you arrange additional, special services for your employees? How can you keep your employees informed on their group health insurance? And how can you ensure a high participation level?
More information about group health insurance for your company?

Let us help you

Schouten Zekerheid is happy to help you select the right group health insurance for your organisation. How do we do this? In the video, we explain which steps in the selection process we carry out for you.

  1. We inventory your wishes and needs.
  2. We perform an analysis of all the possibilities and pass this on to you.
  3. We will help you choose the right party.
  4. We provide the complete communication package towards your employees, including a website in your own house style.
  5. Every year, we will review the group insurance to ensure that it is still the best solution for your employees.
I would like to know more about group insurance

This is what we do for Facilicom

Facilicom Service Group is the largest facility service provider in the Netherlands with EUR 1 billion in turnover and 30,000 FTEs. Schouten Zekerheid has helped them save money on their group insurance package.

Jan Lensveld, Facilicom Concern Director, Finance
"We are a real people company and we want the best there is to offer for our employees when it comes to Employee Benefits. Schouten Zekerheid is highly proficient in how to approach the personnel and make the offering as attractive as possible. By thoroughly explaining that the financial benefits associated with the offering will truly go directly towards the employees. Schouten Zekerheid had a clear idea of what the plan was and this yielded excellent results."

Also want to offer your employees group insurance?

A large majority of Dutch employees go on holiday in the summer and no less than 43% also travel abroad during the winter holiday period. Research has shown that 75% of these employees take out travel insurance for this.

This is reason enough for you as an employer to offer your employees continuous group travel insurance and cancellation insurance. What we offer:
  • Benefit from the broadest possible coverage.
  • Global coverage, 90 consecutive days (normally 45 days).
  • Cancellation insurance is a standard component of the coverage.
  • The premium is only € 144.24 per year, regardless of the family composition.  

Comparison package with other insurers

To make sure you make a good decision for your employees, we have made a comparison for you with other insurers.
  • "De Europeesche" normal rate for one family € 393.84*
  • Ohra by way of CZ € 291.96*
  • Rabobank Grouprate € 350.04*
  • ING Private Insurance € 310.20*
  • Schouten Zekerheid group insurance € 144.24
* Excluding policy costs and insurance tax. These are already included with Schouten Zekerheid.

If you need help with the group health and/or travel insurance of your employees,

please contact us, we are happy to help!

Vincent van Dijk Director Employee Benefits
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