Valuable, secondary working conditions for your employees

Everyone runs the risk of becoming work-disabled. For an employee, this often means a considerable decline in income, certainly since the disability law WIA has entered into force. As an employer, you supplement the income of this group of employees by concluding a group long term disability insurance. This gives your employees certainty of income in a difficult period and a valuable secondary working condition.
More information about funding from WIA insurance?

Lower premium and the insurer pays

We will look for the WIA insurance that fits you company. If you run little risk of employees ending up in the WIA benefit programme, we will make sure you pay a lower premium.

And if you want to be eligible for this benefit via the insurance, we will make sure you receive what you are entitled to and find out what the possibilities are to arrange funding from the WIA insurance. We often succeed in being able to convince insurers that you are entitled to the benefit so that not you, but the insurer is responsible for the benefit that your employee needs so urgently.

If you need help acquiring optimal funding from disability insurance,

please contact us, we are happy to help!

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