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We provide services for expats, inpats and international travellers

Due to the rise in global trading and company investments abroad, the flow of international employment mobility is constantly increasing. Also in the Netherlands, we see the demand for highly-qualified employees from abroad growing. And, the number of people being deployed abroad is also steadily rising.

International deployment is often coupled with complex challenges in the area of social security. You are required to arrange certain matters in this regard, others are arranged for you. We are happy to give you advice about the requirements and desired arrangements.

We will look for the best insurance solutions among, for example, Aetna, AIG, Allianz Care, Chubb and De Goudse as well as OOM Insurance. We can give you advice about state pensions (AOW), private pensions, occupational disability as well as other private insurance solutions for your employees.

Our services reach far beyond the domain of social security, however. Because you as an employer will be faced with many more challenges when you are dealing with international deployment. That is why we offer advice and support in the area of international taxation, relocation and the statutory obligation you have as an employer for your employees: Duty of Care.

Our Expat Desk is ready to help

What we offer

  • Complete services for you as an employer and your employees.
  • We arrange the group insurance, visas and work permits.
  • We inventory your needs and wishes.
  • We compile and implement customised advice.
  • We handle the negotiations with insurers.
  • We provide the best (insurance) solutions.
  • We offer full-time support via our Expat Desk.
  • We handle all the pension communication towards inpats.

Need help with insurances for expats?

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