Communication and training courses: clear and practical

You can expect more from us than the best insurance solutions for the best rates. That's how we see it, anyway. At Schouten Zekerheid, we are constantly looking to add knowledge to your organisation. One way we do this, for example, is by ensuring that all communication is clear and practical. Not only the communication between us, but also between you and your employees. This includes communicating about complex working conditions. We also organise training courses where we give you an update on the latest news and developments.

You have roperly arranged the working conditions of your personnel. And what should you do now?

As an employer, you have arranged proper working conditions for your staff. But, you have not had time to discuss these with them and they themselves, don't seem very interested! Shame! We are happy to help you discuss complex working conditions with your personnel.

Need help with communication or training for your employees?

please contact us, we are happy to help!

Sander Romberg Consultant Employee Benefits
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