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Ranging from advice to implementation

In the current job market with more demand than supply, it is important to bind and inspire your employees. One way to do this is by providing excellent employee benefits. Good pension plans, outstanding collective health insurance or a sustainable deployment process? We can help you with all your employee benefits. Not only in making the right choice, but also in negotiating with the insurer. We do this on your behalf (and on behalf of your employees) as if it concerns our own wallet and working conditions. We are also happy to support you in the communication towards your employees in regard to the working conditions. This is how you can always rely on us for clear presentations by expert specialists and the real facts when it comes to their insurable working conditions.

"Employers: be more vocal about your working conditions"

Good secondary working conditions can have a positive impact on the level of satisfaction and dedication of employees. But first, your employees must be informed about everything you have arranged for them. And this is where many employers go wrong: only 1 of 10 people know exactly which employment conditions their employer offers. So, employers - time for action!

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This is what we do for TAQA Energy

"The fluctuating market conditions make it necessary for us to constantly make adjustments to our employment conditions. Schouten Zekerheid supports us in this and guides us through the more complex issues. They collaborate with us in providing the communication and coordination with the Works Council and the employees." - Esther Sutherland, TAQA Energy

"TAQA Energy offers a great, comprehensive package of insured employment conditions. Thanks to the personal approach of our team of specialists, we are able to give the employees of TAQA Energy insight into their pension situation, for example and provide support in making personal choices. - Hans Huizing, Schouten Zekerheid

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