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Our services are characterized by optimal openness and clarity. In our Service Guide, we have described our services for both business and private relations. Our Service Guide describes, among others, what you can expect from us as a relation when it comes to our work method, insurance products and our fees. Here, we have also described what we expect from you, as our relation. Policy conditions apply to the insurance policies. General Terms and Conditions also apply to agreements to provide services.

Schouten Zekerheid has no obligation whatsoever to submit financial products to one or more financial institutions. We are therefore completely free and independent in providing advice.
In addition to acting as an independent insurance broker, we also use our affiliated underwriting agent Schouten Zekerheid Assuradeuren B.V.. This underwriting agent has been given the authority by several insurers to act on their behalf. This means the lines of communication are short and efficient coordination of insurance matters is ensured because they compile the policies on their own and in many cases, even handle the claims on their own. You can find more information about the underwriting agent on the website of Schouten Zekerheid Assuradeuren B.V..

Naturally, in our dealings, we always keep an eye on your interests. In concrete terms, this means that we also evaluate whether there may a better product available for you outside of Schouten Zekerheid Assuradeuren BV. If so, we will always recommend the most suitable product for you. In practice, this is referred to as "independent objective mediation". When products are similar, we prefer and recommend the own products of Schouten Zekerheid Assuradeuren BV.

The Dutch Financial Supervision Act

Schouten Zekerheid is under the supervision of the Financial Markets Authority (AFM). The AFM has given us a license to mediate (2:80) non-life insurance, life insurance, pension insurance and savings-linked insurance policies. We are also allowed to act as fully authorised agents (2:92) in non-life insurance policies. Furthermore, we are allowed to provide advice (2:96) on participations in investment institutions. Schouten Zekerheid is registered under number 12009678. This registration is a statutory obligation. You can consult the register on the AFM Website.

Personal advice - yes or no?

If you conclude a so-called framework agreement with us or an insurance policy or if you buy a financial product from Schouten Zekerheid without our advice (my post, telephone, e-mail or via our websites) directly through an insurer, then we work according to the principle of "Execution only" and no client profile is compiled. This enables us to serve groups of consumers who have no need for elaborate advice and who would like to be responsible for obtaining and managing their policies and financial products on their own. With "Execution only", you are responsible for choosing an insurance policy and a financial product and how these align with your personal situation. More information can be found in our Service Guide.

Adept and principled

Schouten Zekerheid is not only Registered broker of Assurances (RMIA) and Registered Pension Advisor (RPA), but we are also member of Adfiz. We subscribe to the Adfiz Integrity Codes and always act in the interest of the clients. We do not guided by insurers or banks. Our employees are highly professional, expert and principled. Our remuneration prevents sales-driven advice. Our clients are provided with honest services at fair prices. Our objective extends further than today's clients, we focus on a long-term relationship.


You can download our service guide and our General Terms and Conditions below.

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