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Your business risks and employee benefits abroad

Dutch entrepreneurs have traditionally been very active internationally. Not only we do business with foreign suppliers and customers, we also start businesses abroad. This affects the insurance business: abroad are different legal rules and local customs. Therefore Schouten Zekerheid has joined several global networks so that we can support our customers abroad both on employee benefits and riskmanagement.

By participating in these networks, we can provide our customers with an office abroad with an even better service. In other countries, different legal rules and local customs apply. Schouten Zekerheid can advise and manage the right insurance solution in every country by the foreign partners of the network. Conversely, the Netherlands is a country where many daughter companies are located with a foreign 'mother'. Schouten Zekerheid is the right partner for these Dutch subsidiaries to operate the international insurance contracts in the Netherlands and to provide the right local solutions.

Our international partners

We have been part of the global employee benefits broker networkAsinta since January 1st 2014. Asinta’s partners are experts at harmonizing employee benefit programs across the planet. They use their long-term Asinta relationships spanning time zones and cultures, to rapidly put the customer in full control of all their employee benefit programs. 

Since July 1st 2018 we are a Partner for property/casualty of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately-held commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group. Assurex Global exists since 1954 and has partners in more than 100 countries. 

Schouten Zekerheid is also affiliated with GBN Worldwide. GBN Worldwide is the World’s Insurance Network, an eco-system made up of the world’s leading (re)insurers, independent brokers, and specialty suppliers. Our membership of GBN Worldwide enables us to transact international business anytime, anywhere, and in every language. GBN Worldwide has over 120 independent members in more than 140 countries.

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