People: changes to legislation

Your employees are most likely your most important assets. Staff is also one of the most moving assets when it comes to legislation. Particularly with respect to labour legislation.  

Legislation and case law

The Schouten Zekerheid specialists are always aware of the latest changes in legislation and case law. They help companies and institutions to identify the risks. An important element is always: who will pay when the employee is (temporarily) unable to work? We identify this for you, and are able to provide the appropriate coverage.

Absenteeism and private insurance

Schouten Zekerheid does a lot in the area of prevention. Also with respect to absenteeism. We identify how to decrease absenteeism, so your organisation can continue to operate at full power. Besides employer insurances, Schouten Zekerheid also provides private insurance for your employees. Thanks to our scale and significant purchasing power, we can offer attractive terms. This benefits your employees, and makes you more interesting as an employer.

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