Financial: full-service

What are the financial risks faced by your company? For example, what are the risks related to you debtor portfolio? And what about securities?  

Identifying risks

It pays to have a clear view of the risks, especially now. Schouten Zekerheid offers full services in this field. To determine what coverage is required, we first make sure that we understand your company and its respective market. We then ask how much risk you yourself are willing to bear. Eventually followed by appropriate advice. In the context of prevention, we can analyse your debt collection policies and the credit rating of your customers and suppliers.


If you decide to cover (part of) your financial risks by means of insurance, it is important to provide the insurer with current data. So that he can accept you as a policyholder. Are you reluctant to provide certain financial information? Then we are available as an insurance broker to mediate. Often, we find a middle ground. While we mediate between our client and the insurance company, we are always at your side. In a thorough, substantive manner. Characteristic of our approach.

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