Business continuity

Business continuity comes first

Loss related to material things is a risk that entrepreneurs often underestimate. In some cases, it simply means the end of the company.  

The right insurance

If the company is not properly insured, the effects of fire, storm, lightning, flood or machine failure can seriously affect the continuity of the business processes or even the entire business. We know the risks, and advise on the proper insurance to secure the continuity of your company.

Loss surveys

When it comes to business continuity, prevention is a major theme for Schouten Zekerheid. If a company meets all safety requirements, insurances are a lot easier, and thus cheaper. In our approach, we therefore provide fire prevention visits, valuations, and loss surveys and analyses. Based on this, we create a risk profile. We always monitor how a company develops. So you can be sure that the portfolio matches your actual risks.