A good approach begins with understandingWho are your customers and who are your suppliers? What does your market look like? Do we understand your business?
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Our approach: deep and solid patterns

A structured way of working and fixed patterns. This characterises the Schouten Zekerheid approach in Risk Management.


First, we will strive to understand the customer. Do we understand your business? What does your market look like? Who are your suppliers and your customers? If we understand this, we formulate the risks and talk with you.


Based on the results of the comprehensive risk analysis, we define what risks the company can and will carry, and which risks need to be insured. If we know this, we go to work.


We request offers and create customised solutions for complex risks. Of course, we support you in selecting the right products. We also advise how to organise the theme of insurance internally, and how to arrange the management.


Have the right insurances been chosen? We ensure that they are concluded under attractive conditions. For our efforts, we agree on the manner of remuneration in advance.


It is important that the chosen solutions remain suitable for your business situation. The company changes, which also applies to the world in which it operates. It may be interesting to adapt to the conditions or to choose a product that is better suited.


If damage does occur, however, the specialists of Schouten Zekerheid are available day and night. With effective settlement of claims, we fulfil our motto: "Decisiveness assured."

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