Decisiveness for members of trade and professional associations
Provide added valueAfter all, every industry has specific characteristics and risks.

Industry formulas: a suitable product for every industry

As trade association, you want to offer your members a suitable total product when it comes to insurance. Schouten Zekerheid offers insurance packages that cover various business risks, such as material damage, but also consequential damages. If the company comes to a standstill but still needs to pay its overhead, it greatly affects the organisation.

Added value

One of the main added values of a trade association is the fact that it can offer its members adequate insurance at attractive terms. After all, every industry has specific characteristics and risks. As a trade association, you look for insurance products that fit seamlessly into the risks faced by entrepreneurs and their employees in your industry. Schouten Zekerheid offers these products. Because of the collectivity, we can offer our industry formulas with very attractive benefits, including reductions of tens of percents.

Industry knowledge

Schouten Zekerheid has been providing services aimed at entrepreneurs and employees inspecific sectors since 1993. Meanwhile, the number of industries that we support in this way has increased to nearly twenty, meaning that we have a lot of experience in supporting industries. Not only are we familiar with how trade associations operate, we also know how we can offer appropriate products to a complete industry. We also know what we are talking about in the various industries thanks to our specialised staff. This knowledge gives both us and you a huge competitive advantage.
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