Return from group health insurance

Benefits from collective health insurance

You want to help your employees with their health insurance, so that they are properly covered at attractive conditions. And so you can offer them an interesting fringe benefit. This is possible!

In the past, people were often insured by an insurer in their area. However, the privatisation of the health care system has changed this. By comparing policy conditions, most policyholders end up elsewhere. We compare these conditions at a collective level. This provides interesting insurances, which benefits you and your employees.

Accurately customised insurance

Thanks to collective purchasing, we can offer highly competitive rates for your staff. Moreover, we ensure that this is an insurance tailored to suit the health risks of the employees in your organisation. We also agree on a service level agreement (SLA) with the insurer, so your employees are assured of adequate handling of different situations.


As employer, you provide an interesting fringe benefit with group health insurance. We also "duplicate" insurances, to ensure that you and your employees do not accidentally have two insurances covering the same risks. Examples are work-related care for which both you and your employee are insured. You can benefit from our decisiveness and expertise in several ways.