Modern pension advice

Go for modern pension management

As an employer, you are looking for a suitable pension solution. For a healthy balance between good employment and manageability of costs. This requires modern, vital pension management. With our extensive expertise in this field, we will provide you with expert advice.

Know where you stand

There is much to do about pensions. The pension amount is being pressured, and thus the entire pension system. What are the risks for the coming years? A pension is not as certain as it has always seemed; we all agree on this. But you do want to know where you stand. In addition, your employees have a right to clarity and adequate old age facilities. This is still possible. We will gladly help you in this field.  

Clear picture

Pension schemes are complex products. Nevertheless, you want to have a clear picture of what is legally and fiscally possible. We can provide you with this clarity. Whether you want to enter into a new contract or just want to check if current arrangement is still in line with the law and the demands on you as an employer. We try to provide added value in many ways. We provide courses for HR staff, decision makers, members of the Works Council, and financial managers. We also draft concept applications for the works council. We concur with new initiatives and make them part of our proposition. Examples are premium pension institutions and other modern online products.

Appropriate scheme

Our approach? We ensure to provide you with a scheme suitable for your needs and wished based on analysis and clear reporting. We focus on your situation and do whatever it takes to provide a suitable pension scheme for both you and your employees. We can also arrange the implementation and management of this scheme. So that you have everything taken care off at once.

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