Master classes HR and Finance professionals

Master classes: clear and practical

You can expect more from us than the best insurance solution for the best price. This is why Schouten Zekerheid always adds more knowledge to your organisation.

We do this through our contact with relations within your company. But also through practical and high-quality master classes for both HR and Finance staff.

Immediately deployable practical knowledge

Do you want to send your works council to the master class? Or the entire HR department? We would gladly instruct your colleagues in the field of pensions, social security and insurance techniques. We also discuss current developments and changes, such as the accession of the premium pension institution (PPI) in the pension world. What does this mean for your organisation? How will you handle this? Your colleagues will process the necessary basic material, which they can immediately apply in practice.

Own trainers

Schouten Zekerheid has its own trainers and consultants to teach the master classes. They also draw on years of experience, which they convey to your colleagues. Not only do your HR and financial experts learn about our organisation and processes during the masterclasses, they also speak with colleagues from other organisations during the sessions. The resulting exchange of knowledge and experience is very valuable for your business. Would you rather hold a master class at your office? Or have individual classes? This is also possible.

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