Health management

Health management: grip on health

Does one of your employees call in sick with a cold or other minor ailment? This will have little impact. For more complex cases that can lead to long-term absence, your HR employee might now know exactly what he should do, even though an employer does have a number of responsibilities and obligations in this field. How do you promote the health of your employees and avoid wage sanctions?

Gatekeeper guarantee

The responsibility for social security is shifted more and more to employers and employees themselves. There is a lot involved. To take full care of everything, Schouten Zekerheid has developed a special solution for case management. Our case managers resolve problem cases, thanks to their experience with complex cases. Is someone sick? Then we make sure that you as an employer go through all the necessary stages of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act. We even give our Gatekeeper Guarantee: the absenteeism file is guaranteed to be in order, so you do not have to fear wage sanctions by the UWV.

Prevention programmes

Our services go far beyond the case management. We first focus on preventing absenteeism through prevention programmes. We'll pick the best solutions from the market. Because we also mediate in insurances, we know exactly which insurers provide compensation for such programmes, enabling us to organise a large part of the funding.  

Total concept

Bottom line: Schouten Zekerheid takes care of everything relating to the health of your staff. We maintain contact with the insurer and possibly the UWV on your behalf, so that you only have one point of contact for all sick employees and the corresponding financial flows. It is a full service concept, which more and more employers use.