Funding from WIA insurance

Optimal funding from WIA insurance

Everyone runs the risk of becoming incapacitated. For an employee, this usually means a considerable reduction in income, especially since the introduction of the Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act (WIA) of 1 January 2006, replacing the WAO.  

As employer, you provide an income supplement to this group of employees by concluding collective occupational disability insurance. This offers your employees income at a time they suffer from adversity.

Lower premium

Do you want to conclude this WIA insurance as a valuable fringe benefit for your employees? Schouten Zekerheid will then look for the right insurance, taking into account the composition and nature of your organisation. Does your organisation face relatively little risk of employees ending up in the WIA? Then we'll make sure you will pay a lower premium.  

Insurer pays

If you wish to actually claim payment from this insurance, we will make sure everything goes smoothly. This often means that we ensure that you get what you deserve. This means that we look at what is really possible to arrange funding from WIA insurance. The policy does state what you are entitled to, but most employers do not know this. Moreover, we can often convince insurers of your entitlement based on the content of the case. All this to make sure that not you, but the insurer takes care of the payment needed by your employee.  
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