Our approachAnalysing, advising and unburdening. Clear and honest about the (im)possibilities.

Our approach: analysing, advising and unburdening

To determine which insurance products best suit your organisation and employees, we perform a comprehensive situation and needs assessment. We are clear and honest about the (im)possibilities. Once you have made your selection, we support you in the implementation. You'll have a permanent point of contact, who is always happy to help with advice and answer any questions you might have.


First, we will strive to understand the customer. Do we know your goals? Do we know your financial framework? Do we know your specific arrangements? If we understand this, we formulate the opportunities and risks and discuss them with you.


Based on the results of the extensive analysis and our advice, we capture what arrangements you have and what you do and do not want to offer as a company. If we know this, we go to work.


We request offers and create customised solutions. Of course, we support you in selecting the right products. We also advise on how to discuss options with employee representatives.


Have we chosen the arrangements together? We then ensure that they are concluded under attractive conditions. For our efforts, we agree on the manner of remuneration in advance.


It is important that the chosen solutions remain suitable for your business situation. The company is changing, the age structure changes, as does social legislation. This is why regularly maintaining your arrangements is important.


If damage or a special circumstance does occur, however, the specialists of Schouten Zekerheid are available day and night.

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