Schouten Zekerheid Academy

Schouten Zekerheid Academy: Institute of knowledge exchange

As an independent insurance broker, we constantly create surprises for our customers and ourselves. We always want to be ahead of developments in the market, and pro-actively ensure that our knowledge is always up to date. We do not want to keep this knowledge to ourselves, and want to share it with our clients. This was the reason to launch the Schouten Zekerheid Academy.

The Schouten Zekerheid Academy is an institution for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of insurances - for now and in the future. But also on how to exclude risks, where possible. The Academy organises Master Classes, courses and meetings in which specialised professionals teach about everything related to the insurance industry. Professionals of Schouten Zekerheid itself, but also from other parts of the industry and from universities.

Level of knowledge

Schouten Zekerheid Academy also writes and publishes white papers and news articles that can support you in the insurance aspects of your business operation and any decisions in this context. We make this information available because we are of the opinion that the level of knowledge about insurance cannot be high enough. This is in the interest of businesses, individuals, governments, our own people, and the insurance industry in general.

Unique position

The Schouten Zekerheid Academy already has a unique position within the insurance industry. An Academy where everyone is welcome who wants or needs to increase his or her knowledge on insurances, and where we make the knowledge and expertise of our staff accessible to a broad audience.

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