Our approach
With an eye on all interestsWe are an independent broker and have a flat organisation
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Our approach: enterprising and innovative

Damages always involve multiple parties. Schouten Zekerheid has an eye on the interests of all stakeholders, but primarily on those of you, our customer. And we do a lot for this, in a very pragmatic manner. Our management is always ready to assist colleagues and clients. Each manager has his own relationship portfolio. Whether it is a freelancer or a multinational: we pick up the phone and get started for you with the same amount of pleasure and dedication.

Best insurances

As an insurance broker, we are self-supporting, not dependent on others. In other words, we are a completely independent organisation with no external shareholders. This makes us strong and truly independent. We'll pick the best insurance from the market or customise it for you. We inform and advise our customers about the possibilities. At the same time, we have good cooperative partners that add value to our services. And we have been doing this for more than 60 years.

Innovative concepts

Schouten Zekerheid is an entrepreneurial organisation. That means that we, like you, always work towards the future. And that we are always innovating. What is happening in the world around us, and how can we align our services in order to serve our customers as effectively as possible? Each employee thinks about optimisation and innovation of services. We offer innovative concepts and products such as Health Management and industry formulas to assist employers as well as possible.


Schouten Zekerheid offers all kinds of insurance concepts, whether it concerns liability, business continuity, people, pension, mobility and transport or financial risks. Our concepts together cover almost all insurable risks that companies, foundations, associations and institutions face. But we do not just limit ourselves to the standards. In addition to insurances and advice, we also offer preventive options to prevent damage to your company.