Decisiveness ensured
Decisiveness ensuredSupporting the customer, listening to him, and being there for him - 24 hours a day.
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Schouten Zekerheid - Decisiveness ensured

You want to arrange your insurance, at acceptable and predictable costs. You want a single point of contact for all your insurance solutions. That's exactly what Schouten Zekerheid offers. Is there damage? We'll be there. All hands on deck. We stand beside the entrepreneur. Literally. In addition, we do not distinguish between types of organisations: each customer can count on the best possible advice, service and support.

Management themes

Our approach is embedded from the areas of attention of you management: Business Continuity, Compliance, Mobility, Staff, Pensions and Financial risks. In addition, we offer special packages in absenteeism and health management, Expats and our insurance packages for trade and professional organisations.


We see it as our duty to unburden you as well as possible, so that you can focus on your business. We not only take care of insurances and the resulting administration, but also of damages and their follow-up. From a collision with a vehicle, to large, complex claims that endanger the survival of your business. We also communicate about your pension scheme and group health insurance. We work together and ensure that these are properly arranged.

An extra step

From our independent role and in a pleasant working atmosphere, we are always looking for company-specific customisation, after all, every company is different. In addition, we create innovative concepts. Nothing extravagant, nothing excessive, but we simply take that extra step. As a client, you can see this in our regular services, in professional and enjoyable contact with a dedicated adviser, and in our innovative service concepts.