Working on healthy employees at Wilhelmsen
Working on healthy employees at WilhelmsenLearn about our Health Management Concept and see how this leads to less absenteeism at a leading service provider for maritime shipping.
Do you want healthy employees for your organisation?

A permanent contact who knows the organisation and its issues and can therefore give specific advice

Wilhelmsen Ship Services is a provider of products and services in the field of maritime shipping. Certain physical positions are associated with frequent absenteeism. Schouten Zekerheid and its Health Management provide the tools to tackle absenteeism effectively. Resulting in less absenteeism and lower costs.

Mirjam Kleine, HR Consultant at Wilhelmsen Ship Services.

Schouten Zekerheid established our health management. Together, we offer preventive training courses for managers and executives to provide them with the tools to deal with frequent absenteeism. We see that this makes them more confident and that our organisation focuses more on absenteeism. With the ultimate aim of reducing frequent absenteeism.  

The biggest advantage of our collaboration with Schouten Health Management is our permanent contact person who knows our organisation and our issues and can provide targeted advice to our organisation.  

Brenda van Dijk, Health Management Specialist

We arrange the complete occupational health and safety services for Wilhelmsen Ships Services. From the moment someone gets ills, until the 104 weeks mark. We also handle the financing of certain projects and interventions. We try to get this financed by the health insurance and the WGA ERD insurance. Awareness of frequent absenteeism and open conversations can already decrease absenteeism. And thus also the costs.

All cases we managed from the beginning experienced 50% less WGA than in regular occupational health and safety services. Precisely because our approach allows us to be on top of things and engage the right interventions.

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