The unique risk profile of KRVE insured
The unique risk profile of KRVE insuredLearn about our approach and solutions for the company guiding ships into the port of Rotterdam.
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The beauty of such a long relationship is that you know the other party and the risks very well.

Rotterdam is one of the four largest ports in the world, accounting for about 433 million tonnes of cargo traffic. The ships required to load and unload this amount of goods all need to have a place to moor. This can be at the quays, posts, piers and buoys. This is the job of the KRVE, among other things. A specific request with the resulting specific risks.

Martin Brusse, Director of the KRVE 

The relationship with Schouten started even before my time. In 1953, the first contacts with Jaap Schouten took place. Back then, he still sold policies to the rowers of the KRVE from his bike or moped.

That's the beauty of having a long relationship. It creates a very good understanding of the risks and the consequences of incidents. The safety of our association and the rowers is the highest attainable goal. If something serious happens, you feel emotionally connected as an association. While everything needs to be handled professionally, especially with respect to insurance. In addition to custom work, we also get a lot of assistance from parties such as Schouten Security.

Eric Kreft, Commercial Director Schouten Zekerheid

We have a very special relationship with KRVE. This relationship has existed for 60 years.The profession of rower is very specific; there is no suitable standard insurance. We provide a different approach to the coverages. By engaging in conversations, you get an accurate picture of the risks. We also join the rowers on their ships or in other activities to learn what is happening within the company.

Even after 60 years, we continue to keep each other on top of things - on many levels. Insurers sometimes try to exclude a number of risks. We are there for the KRVE to solve and improve this. Pro-activity, covering all risks before they even arise.

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