The uninsurable at Kimmenade insured anyway
The uninsurable at Kimmenade insured anyway Read how we developed an excellent solution for the liabilities of the roofing company.
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Customers expect to be able to recover damages for 10 years

Kimmenade specialises in waterproofing buildings and concrete structures. They offer a high level of service in the renovation sector and high-quality solutions for concrete sealing in the realisation of new construction projects. The entire product range consists only of high quality products with 100% waterproof guarantee. Schouten Zekerheid arranged a liability insurance for Kimmenade.

Leon Driessen, Financial Director at Kimmenade

Kimmenade Netherlands BV has evolved into a full service organisation in the field of roofs and façades in the broadest sense of the word. Taking care of everything for the customer is the focus.Schouten Zekerheid is the intermediary for all of our insurances through the industry trade Vebidak. Liability is our biggest risk. It is very important that our concrete sealants are properly insured. Both for materials that might be lost and in case the company faces difficulties and we cannot meet our obligations. Customers expect us to guarantee financial security. Schouten Zekerheid has therefore provided an insured guarantee. Under the right conditions.

Harry Hentenaar, Key Account Manager Vebidak industry

Providing an insured guarantee was tricky as insurers are not enthusiastic about this. Insurers set premiums based on occurred damages. These insurers estimated these damages a lot higher than they were in reality. We have addressed this by having a lot of meetings with insurers. This enabled us to provide a very good product. And they are still very happy about this.

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