Business continuity made manageable at Polvo
Business continuity made manageable at PolvoLearn how we have made the consequences of loss of profits manageable for this logistic service provider.
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Business continuity as key value

Polvo is a wholesaler of construction supplies delivering to its client in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Business continuity is very important for this company. Schouten Zekerheid helps to ensure that business continuity is not compromised.

Jeroen Vermeer, Director Polvo

Polvo delivers everything to its customers from its central warehouse.. This always happens within 24 hours. Business continuity is very important to us. We have been doing business with Schouten Zekerheid for years, and the relationship has always been perfect. Excellent expertise, the relationship with our employees is good, we have had the same contacts for years, and communication is easy and efficient. When we have questions, we always receive a good and thorough answer on the same day or the day after.  

Marco Dammers, Senior Account Manager Schouten Zekerheid

We have identified all the risks of all business components. This showed that the greatest risk for this organisation is fire. In case of unavailability of the central warehouse, you face a huge risk with respect to deliveries to locations. That's why we have performed a comprehensive scan to identify the payment term of this loss, which covers the profit of the overhead. Enabling the organisation to rebuild and start delivering again with confidence.  
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