Blauwhoed, a total relationship
Blauwhoed completeExperience how we efficiently manage the total insurance portfolio for a dynamic project developer.
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Blauwhoed, a total relationship

Blauwhoed is an independent demand-focussed developer. They want their customers to develop in a unique manner. Blauwhoed focuses on the sale and construction of homes and (re)development of commercial real estate. Schouten Zekerheid has partnered with Blauwhoed to develop a total package for insurances allowing Blauwhoed to keep continue setting trends in the market.

Johan van der Ent, former Director of Finance & Operations Blauwhoed

We are trendsetting. But the market forces us to change, and we want to be ahead of this demand. We therefore require a partner who can keep pace with us with respect to the risks. While talking with Schouten Zekerheid, we came to the conclusion that some things could be done more efficiently. We have come up with a total package which Schouten has deployed at us.  

Wilco de Haan, Director of Risk Management

We manage the entire insurance portfolio for Blauwhoed. We started with identifying their organisation to understand the risks. We dissect the organisation, which is typical for our approach. We help control this total package of risks with Blauwhoed to ensure them in an adequate manner. Our challenge is to keep up with the changing market of Blauwhoed and the resulting every changing risk profile.
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