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Complete approach for absenteeism at hairdressers Learn about our absenteeism formula for members of the ANKO association for hairdressing salons throughout the Netherlands.
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ANKO is the General Dutch Hairdressers Organisation. is part of ANKO Insurance Services and supports ANKO members in the entire process of illness and absenteeism. In this case, Rob Vos (Director ANKO), Maurice Crusio (owner Crusio Kappers) and Eric Kreft (Schouten Zekerheid) speak about this unique collaboration.

Rob Vos, Director ANKO

Around 2000, we started collaborating with ANKO Insurance Office and This provides a very important added value to our members. The absenteeism desk is specifically aimed at hairdressers. They can arrange everything in a reliable manner at one location. We think this is very important. is a personal tool for hairdressers allowing employees to quickly re-integrate into the workplace in a correct and responsible manner. is the link between the entrepreneur and the sick employee. The desk ensures that the absenteeism is resolved appropriately and quickly for both parties. And it has proven to be a reliable link.

Maurice Crusio, Owner Crusio Kappers

When one of my hairdressers injured her thumb and was unable to work for a few weeks, I contacted ANKOVerzuim. They ensured a very quick intervention. Eventually, it resulted in surgery, but the whole process was perfectly managed by  

Eric Kreft, Commercial Director Schouten Zekerheid

For members of ANKO we sought to connect to the CLA of the hairdresser entrepreneurs. This means that we insure 100% continued payment of wages during both the first and the second year. We also have a partnership with the Kapperspoli in Velp, allowing us to insure hairdresser eczema.  

Key in developing a specific offer for industry members is our approach. We always look at the specific risks faced by entrepreneurs in their industries. And we adapt our services and insurances to this. We have been doing this for 18 industries and professional organisations.

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