More return from group health insurance at Facilicom
More return from group health insurance at FacilicomRead how we successfully implemented Employee Benefits at one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.

An obvious model leading to good results

Facilicom Services Group is the largest facility services provider in the Netherlands with 1 billion in turnover and 30,000 employees. Schouten Zekerheid has helped to get more out of the collective care.  

Jan Lensveld, Location Director Finances Facilicom

We are a people business, and we want the best there is in field area of Employee Benefits for our employees.
Schouten Zekerheid is particularly good in approaching staff and making an attractive offer. Making clear that the employees benefit from the financial advantages of the offer. Schouten Zekerheid had a very clear model, which led to a good result.

Vincent van Dijk, Director Employee Benefits

Schouten Zekerheid facilitates Facilicom with a total concept of group health insurance. We have accepted the challenge of having 60% of the employees participate in the group health insurance scheme within two years. And we succeeded!

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