News - Entrepreneurs, be aware: computer crime and political risks increase in 2015

Entrepreneurs, be aware: computer crime and political risks increase in 2015

In 2015, computer crime and political risks will continue to increase. This in addition to the traditional industrial risks such as interruption of business processes and/or the production chain, natural disasters and fires. This can be seen in the Allianz Risk Barometer 2015.

The growing interdependence of the many industries and processes mean that many companies are exposed to an increasing number of high-impact scenarios. Negative effects can multiply rapidly and a single risk may quickly result in a multitude of risks. Think of a natural disaster, leading to an interruption of your business operations. This not only affects your business, but also your customers and suppliers. Obviously, this can also entail a significant financial impact.

Computer crime

Computer crime will certainly increase in the coming year; expect the 500 respondents in the survey. Think of hackers who disable computer systems, intercept payments, or (threaten to) expose sensitive data. With the increasing digitalisation, these are risks that unfortunately have become part of our society. According to the respondents, many companies still underestimate the impact, while it is currently very important to ensure good security systems and good insurance. We can tell you more about this in our Digital Risks breakfast session.

Risk management is important

The importance of risk management is also briefly mentioned in the investigation. Wilco de Haan, Director at Schouten Zekerheid, completely agrees. "The on-time mapping of the risks of your business and the impact of these risks is a must for entrepreneurs. There are many risks of which entrepreneurs do not always realise the importance, such as the risk of environmental damage or employer's liability. A good advisor will work with you to identify all possible risks for you and your organisation and ensure that these, if desired, are covered. "

Datum van publicatie: 10 March 2015